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Apologies, I’m really just way too exhausted to hold a stream tonight…I was going to make this post earlier, but I forgot. I’m really sorry!!

I might be postponing tomorrow’s as well in favor of a light drawing session depending on my condition; I pretty much massacred my sleep schedule this morning. I’m so sorry orz

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i have died and gone to heaven. there’s so many leomons here, you guys

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On Odaiba Memorial, Digimon, and why you should totally watch it (2014 Edition)

Hello, it’s that time of year again. \o/ August 1st is here, a very important day for Digimon fandom, and with it comes my desperate attempt to get you to watch it if you haven’t already (because you really should).

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~15th Anniversary Digimon Collab~

Here are the final collages for the Digimon Collab and just in time for the Odaiba Memorial Day!

Started back in March, over 120 artists came together to draw characters from six different seasons and three movies of the Digimon series. The list of all participants is here: [LINK]

High Res Links:

I want to thank everyone that contributed. Digimon was my favorite show when I was younger and I love that so many people felt the same way.

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Hell yeah savers!! I think its extremely underrated.

I picked Touma for the digimon collab, but then i found out that none claimed Masaru or Yoshino. I love savers, so i didn’t like the idea of leaving them out of the collab, and @pricimation allowed me to take them. 

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The Japanese ad for the new digivices has been released! 

Preorders start August 1 and end September 30. They can be bought for 9990 yen here.

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I might - this evening - hold a free-for-all sketch stream (with mic on) in honor of Odaiba Memorial stateside edition…
I’m not really that great at art, but I want to chat with people about hype, so would anyone be interested in coming? (If not I totally understand)

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Looks like MegaHouse are planning on releasing some more Digimon figures. I can’t find anything on their website yet so watch this space.

[ image source ]

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A guide to the Digimon typing game

Now that there’s an egg on the Adventure project website, obviously this means that we should all try our best to collaborate and hatch the egg in order to find out what’s inside. Earning an egg rub after your daily free one, however, requires collecting “Nade-Nade Points” on the typing game…

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So, on the Digimon Adventure project website...

After a fashion, the website is now open again - and now mysteriously leads to an egg.

You can rub the egg (nadenade) to a certain degree, and to rub it more you need to play the game (click G, log in, and play the typing game - I suggest you get familiar with DigiLetters as quickly as you can). Now, as Adventure tells us in episode 12, rubbing an egg sufficiently will make it hatch…

…and there’s a mysterious meter on the right…

I wonder, if we all rub together, what will be born from that egg ~