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Me: Maybe I should get to otoing that one VB


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that is a damn dirty lie and i think we all know it layton

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oh hey whats this? is it the best jogress ever? yes i think it is

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lmao actually that blog posts that picture every day and edits it to accommodate the current date

…I learn something every day. Thank you about that. Sorry.

(Although it is true that for some reason the picture keeps circulating on random dates with editing. I was so obsessed with the movies back in the day so much that it’s embedded in my head that it was 30 years each way back and forth sO)

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Today is the day Marty McFly goes to the future!

this post keeps coming up every so often with the date edited to read the current date but the date given in the movie October 21, 2015 and I mean please please please can we give the world at least one more chance for just one more year to give us hoverboards

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The animation in HappinessCharge PreCure is horrible at times. If it doesn’t get better next year I think I’ll start liking PreCure less.

submitted by Anon

Okay, here we go again. Yes, animation in the Precure series have gotten downhill at times, but can’t you just appreciate the plot? I poke fun out of the animation too, but I won’t stop watching Precure for something irrelevant as flaws in artwork.

I understand the frustration you get from bad animation (as some people have different priorities) and won’t blame you if you personally wish to prioritize that over plot, but I warn you that if you expect it to get significantly better anytime soon you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Consistent, smooth animation in long runner anime has never been Toei’s strong suit — and since I don’t think Happiness Charge’s animation is that much better or worse than any of the other PreCure series or other shows Toei does, it probably won’t be changing by next year (although it’s not a crime to hope)…

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oh just so everyone knows: if you’re like me and you get anxiety whenever you see someone vagueblogging because you think it’s about you even though you never did anything remotely similar to what’s being talked about, it is always okay to pop into my askbox and ask if i’m talking about you, and i’ll say “no” and i won’t be annoyed or anything no matter how often this happens.

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this was meant to be for Frederick’s bday but some stuff came up so I only finished it now haha;; 

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환상 메모리즈(Illusion memories)

by 피로zzz ft. SeeU

새하얗게 칠해본다. 새하얗게 지워본다.
color white, erase white
아직까지 잊지 못한, 잊지 못할 내 마음의 마지막이야.
this is the end of my feelings I couldn’t forget, can’t forget

길거리를 지나가다 흐려진 날 마주친다.
walking down a road I meet a faded me
두 손으로 가려봐도 내 손마저 서서히 흐려져 가고
though I try to hide it with two hands even my hands start fading
잔잔하게 흘러가다 어느새 또 밀려간다.
flowing quietly and before I know it I’m pushed somewhere
누군가가 미는 듯이, 그런 듯이 온몸이 기울어져 가
as if someone is pushing, as if it’s so all my body is losing my balance
사랑도, 우정도, 희망도, 미래도, 과거도 제자리 되도록 다시 한 번 만들어가.
I try to make it once more that love, friendship, hope, future, past, everything finds its place

다시는 돌릴 수 없는 그 시간들이 이제는 새로워진 내 환상이 되어
the times that cannot be turned back become my new illusions
영원히 행복할 거란 이 마음 물들어.
and color my heart forever happy
하나둘 변해져가는 그 기억 속에, 더 이상 멈출 수 없는 큰 쾌락 안에
within those memories slowly changing, in the ecstacy that can’t be stopped
끝없이 불안해지는 이 마음 두려워 난.
I’m scared of this heart growing ever more nervous

차가워진 구조물이 자꾸만 날 괴롭게 해.
these structures that have grown cold keep hurting me
소중했던 조각들은 날 버리고 뿔뿔이 흩어져 가고
precious pieces abandon me and scatter
잘못했던 지난날이 잘못됐단 변명이 돼.
and mistakes of past become an excuse that it’s wrong
어떡해도 받아 드릴 수 없다고 그렇게 외면한 채로
looking away saying that it can’t be accepted no matter what happens

아니야, 아니야, 말해도, 그래도 사실은 다 알고 있는 걸. 기다리고 있는 것은.
no,no, though I say so, I still know the truth. what’s waiting is.
모든 건 그대로인 채 변하지 않아. 모든 게 거짓이었고 진실은 아냐.
everything is the same and won’t change. everything was a lie and not the truth
나에겐 검은색만이 남아서 덧씌워.
only black is left to me and I cover evertything with it
아무리 떨쳐내 봐도 내 목을 잡아 다시 되돌이표처럼 돌아오잖아.
though I try to shake it off it grabs onto my neck and return like a repeat mark
언젠간 사라진다는 자그만 믿음도 끝.
it’s the end of a small belief of dissappearing someday

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  • Harry:Alright now we're gonna learn expelliarmus.
  • Some lil twit in the DA:but isn't that kind of a pansy-ass spell?