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Digimon Tamers- Takato Matsuda (Aiba Shinn)

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okay on one hand I really love cute idol Rise that we get in P4 but on the other hand knowing that female delinquent Rise was the original concept just gets me in the gut

cute idol Rise or female delinquent Rise


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you don’t understand my love for kannao I live for kannao

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(bangs fist on table) I FORGOT TO CHECK THE KANNAO TAG

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No D: It’s not KenHika sdjkfhds orz

(folds hands ojousama-like) you do realize if we’re going outside the scope of——-ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THAT right. right. right.

I just smacked my hand on my face I’m so sorry

  • when i started shipping or if i ship it: so Ray’s art of it was on Pixiv one day…
  • my thoughts: it is VERY VERY CUTE
  • what makes me happy about them: REALLY CUTE
  • what makes me sad about them: we don’t know enough about Rina, I’m still praying for that Decode localization even though I’m grasping at straws
  • things done in art/fic that annoy me: the fact there isn’t enough
  • things i look for in art/fic: cute things!!!
  • my kinks: [_________]
  • who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Daisuke, Ken or Hikari, Rina…uh…until I know anything more about her I’m going on appearances, so I’d say Daisuke, Mirei, or Akiho
  • my happily ever after for them: constant arguments over V-mon and V.V.

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vocaloid ask meme

  • Miku Hatsune:What are you most known for?
  • Rin Kagamine:Do you get sick often?
  • Len Kagamine:Are you right or left handed / ambidextrous?
  • Luka Megurine:Can you spin a long time without getting dizzy?
  • Meiko:Do you like taking care of people?
  • Kaito:What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • Gumi/Megpoid:Do you have lots of friends?
  • Gakupo/Gackpoid:Do you like history?
  • SF-A2 Miki:Do you like space?
  • Kokone:Are you single?
  • Lily:What's the riskiest thing you've done?
  • Aria/IA:Are you afraid of flying?
  • Yukari Yuzuki:Do you prefer your talking voice or your singing voice?
  • Tohoku Zunko:Have you ever received or given donations?
  • Piko Utatane:How many USB flash-drives do you have?
  • Ryuto/Gachapoid:Do you like dinosaurs?
  • Kaai Yuki:How were you like when you were smaller?
  • Kiyoteru Hiyama:Do you like school?
  • Mew:Do you consider yourself fashionable?
  • Aoki Lapis:How tall are you?
  • Merli:Do you believe in magic?
  • CUL:Is violence ever an answer?
  • Galaco:Do you believe in parallel universes?
  • Iroha Nekomura:Have you ever had any Hello Kitty merchandise?
  • Nana Macne:Do you like Windows or Mac better?
  • Tone Rion:What do you think the future is going to be like?
  • VY1:Are you a fan of fans?
  • VY2:How about swords?
  • Anon:Have you ever received hate-messages?
  • Kanon:What's something you'd like to actually happen in a story, movie, etc.?
  • Zola Project:Have you ever tried to start up a band? If yes, how successful were you?
  • V Flower:Would you dress up in Lolita, if given the chance?
  • Mayu:What's your opinion on yanderes?
  • Alys:Do you mess with your hair often?
  • SeeU:Do you like K-pop?
  • Luo Tianyi:Can you tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese?
  • Yan He:Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Bruno:Do you wear hats often?
  • Clara:How do you feel about glasses as accessories?
  • Maika:How many languages can you speak?
  • Sonika:If you could be an idol for a day, what would you do?
  • Leon:Have you ever been the first to do something?
  • Lola:Have you ever kissed someone?
  • Miriam:Who's your favorite Celebrity?
  • Sweet Ann:Do you want to get married?
  • Big Al:What's your opinion of Frankenstein?
  • Oliver:Do you have any pets? How close to them are you?
  • Avanna:What's your opinion on nature/the outdoors?
  • Yohioloid:Have you read twilight? Were you a part of the craze?
  • Prima:Have you ever listened to Opera? What's your opinion on it?
  • Tonio:Have you ever used a stock photo?

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Uh… yeah? :3c

Ah, I assume you mean kenhika?

  • when i started shipping or if i ship it: It doesn’t really rank among my favorite ships of all time, but I do think it’s pretty cute! I’ve seen shippers of it ever since I knew shipping existed, so.
  • my thoughts: it’s very cute and they would laugh very happily together
  • what makes me happy about them: see above
  • what makes me sad about them: …do you really want me to start on this one
  • things done in art/fic that annoy me: okay so the reason that most of the people who ship this ship it is because they’ve both been subjected to similar experiences, but for some reason I notice it’s a common trend to develop them in a fic by PUTTING THEM THROUGH MORE SIMILAR EXPERIENCES like yes I understand if it creates situations where they can try and bond but you do not bond romantically with someone solely because both of you went through severe and traumatic hell
  • things i look for in art/fic: cute things!!
  • my kinks: [_________]
  • who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Ken, Miyako or Daisuke, Hikari, Miyako or Daisuke or Takeru
  • my happily ever after for them: very cute dates

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not that OTP D:

e-eh?! oops…

uh…you mean the one that goes alongside it?

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Kyousougiga volume 4 BD Menu Art