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Miko &Taichi
Taichi mother : Oh…The same position

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Soooo when are the Adventure ones coming out, because I might be willing to make a trip to Akiba and send them to you. The only bad thing is the rares are usually more expensive anyway.

sobs if you could that’d be amazing (though I’d be worried about you spending too much money on a machine) — I’m interested in Koushirou and Jou on principle but honestly it depends on how they look?

I only know as much as the tweet says, so I have no clue when they’re coming out orz

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If there’s anything this scenario has taught me it’s that the constant looming feeling of “of course there’s no merch, it’s a 1999 anime, but if only…” has wrung so much out of me that right now I am jumping at the chance to buy any modern-style merch at all

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last time i bought a gashapon i got it from a site called Hobby Link Japan. It was fairly reasonable price. Though I didn’t fully understand it so what I got was different than what I expected.

I’m gonna get down to the bottom of this, depending on how they look I want some or all of them orz

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Ahora si, lo terminé :D
Algunas imágenes del… ending del juego.

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sobs it’s not just an issue of money it’s an issue of exportation…

you’d be lucky to find Bandai gashapons on eBay and they’re usually Sailor Moon orz

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Surfin’ Bird

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工程の8割位がCLIP STUDIOで、仕上げがphotoshopです。クリスタの塗りつぶしツールや、カスタムブラシの自由さが素晴らしすぎて、らくがきで終わるつもりがつい色塗りまでしてしまう罠…。