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Like an octopus, the previous protagonist must sacrifice himself in order to allow the newborn protagonist to prosper. Thus, the circle of life continues.

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lamunetty replied to your post:

That’s an interesting way to interpret this, but I don’t see how “a dog without a collar” = Kouji. Is it because he has wolf-based evolutions?

That, combined with the fact that a lot of Kouichi’s bitter feelings towards his brother come from Kouji living a comparatively happy and comfortable life without him or his mother.

Of course, this is just a thought I had. I doubt this was the intent, Digimon isn’t that symbolic a series, aha!

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There’s a very reasonable chance I’m reading into this too much, but I just realized - Oreta Tsubasa de has the line “a dog without a collar is laughing at me”, right?

It just about hit me that beyond the obvious symbolism about being trapped, there’s one specific person that “dog without a collar” could easily be referring to…you know, the one that he really wanted to acknowledge his existence but was simultaneously resenting all this time?

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small stuff from twitter! i got into dansen last month baaan is my favorite!!! im in the middle of dansen wars now and i like it a lot especially arata and aramura!!!! (but i still miss ban and dansen w ;;;;)

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you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

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Hey, guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood fuzzle. Can I talk about something that’s been on my mind? This is directed at multiple fandoms on my feed right now, and the only reason I’m not naming them is that there are a lot of games and anime set for this and next year and I’d at least like to live long enough to see them, but in any case…

…Listen, shipping is great. Headcanons are great. I love talking about it. I ship things for the stupidest reasons and ones that violate even my own personal logic. I like some ships more than others. Hell, I talked to my dad once about some really old baseball manhwa he was into back when he was a kid and even he had shipping opinions despite not being in anything resembling what could be called a fandom. It’s a human thing, I think.

But - but - at some point I think people keep missing the issue that the realm of “canon” and the realm of “headcanon” are two separate, distinct things. And much of the time, romantic things fall in the headcanon territory. (Of course, not all; many things have romance, of the kind where even a two month-old baby can see it.) It’s one thing to want it to happen so badly because you feel pumped about it and you can see the dynamic. And that’s great. It’s wonderful. Perfectly acceptable! But it’s another thing to expect it, and in many cases when it’s not realistically going to happen it will probably cause you stress.

There are people who prefer talking about headcanon extensively far over canon and can construct entire AUs or shipping headcanon in vivid, wonderful detail, or who didn’t like what happened in series (or got upset their ship wasn’t canon) and want to provide an alternate way of events, and that’s wonderful and fine and I believe that deserves as much devotion as a fandom as those who prefer to look closely at canon and pull analysis. But there is a distinction.

When shipping wars happen, when people get spiteful and angry and irritated over what something may not have even have been intended to be covered to begin with, people fight. It gets ugly when it really doesn’t need to be. I mean, hell, I love my ships as much as the next person, but there are many ships that I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge are based on my personal headcanon and aren’t even a discussion topic to begin with when it comes to canon.

I guess I’m being a bit pretentious with this whole tl;dr, but the point I’m trying to make is that it’s really not worth it to assume that the universe of canon is going to fit entirely with what you would like it to be (although getting personally irritated about it for any reasonable reason is understandable!), and especially not to antagonize other people over it because that’s just cruel. Life is too short to be stressed out about more things than one should.

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From that clueless, “Dawn, why are you crying? Did you get something in your eye?” to actually noticing Serena’s been acting strangely and reassuring her. Our boy’s come a long way.

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I’ve discovered recently that I have not, in fact, ever played a rated M game under the age of 17, not due to fear of doing so but simply because that’s how things ended up lining up.

This has made me ever so slightly less badass and edgy than I thought I was.

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so today I learned about yuri lowenthal. let me tell you about yuri lowenthal.

yuri lowenthal voiced the main character of tales of the abyss, luke. apparently the developers really loved his performance, so much so that they named the main character of tales of vesperia, yuri lowell, after him.


would you care to guess who voiced yuri?